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Medina Creative Housing Inc

20/20 Vision


Tenderly Touching Lives for Twenty Years: 

Twenty Heart-Warming Stories from Our Residents

In celebration of Medina Creative Housing's 20 years of service to Medina County residents with disabilities and their families, we are featuring the below digital photo album and stories highlighting 20 individuals whose lives have been tenderly touched by Medina Creative Housing. We call this our 20/20 Vision. You can clearly see MCH's life-changing impact on those we serve and have created opportunities for.

Celebrating our past, present, and promising future!


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Adam and Ricky

Adam and Ricky live together as roommates in one of our Medina Creative Houses. Both of these gentlemen affectionately call their home “The Man Cave”. Ricky participates in Life Steps Camp and REP and enjoys learning new cooking skills. Ricky’s father told us that he knows that Rick is safe and well cared for at MCH. Adam works at Medina Creative Therapy Ranch. He is known as, the horse whisperer. He enjoys attending REP in the evenings where he gets to hang out with friends. Adam’s family recognizes that he is so much happier now. He takes great pride in his home and the work he performs at the Medina Creative Therapy Ranch. His mother said, “Adam has really grown as an adult since becoming part of MCH.



Amy has lived in three different MCH homes. She has also participated in Life Steps Camp, Resident Enrichment Program and she works at Medina Creative Produce. Amy said, “I am independent! My apartment is exactly the way I want it. Working on the property is very convenient. I’ve made lots of good friends over the years.” Amy’s mother said, “The organization offers a great opportunity for handicapped and disabled persons… an opportunity to live independently in modern, affordable, and safe housing that is easily accessible to local venues. MCH has gone above and beyond to create living and working arrangements for persons with disabilities.


Ashley S.

One day I got a call from Medina Creative Housing. They wanted to know if I was still interested in living there. I said, “Are you kidding me?” I was so excited! I never thought that would ever happen. They gave me the keys to my new home. My mom and I started crying because I am going to live on my own now! That day changed my life. Mom says it changed her life too! I now go everywhere. When my family calls me now, I tell them, “I am booked.” I love showing my apartment to people who come to tour Medina Creative Housing. I say to everyone, “I love my life and I am so blessed.”


Ashley and Wendy

Wendy and Ashley have both lived at Medina Creative Living and in a Medina Creative Home. They currently are roommates and both ladies work at Medina Creative Produce and the Medina Creative Property Maintenance. Both receive provider services from Medina Creative Accessibility. They love to participate in the Resident Enrichment Program. Wendy enjoys work and spending time with her dog Pepper. Ashley is a social butterfly and enjoys hanging out with friends and spending time with her new dog Benny.



Brian has lived in 2 Medina Creative Homes. Brian’s home has allowed him to be active and stay in his community. His home is in walking distance to church and stores. He is able to access public transportation and can get anywhere he needs to go the community. When Brian was asked what he feels about MCH he stated, “Thanks for being there to help me.” His father stated, “MCH creates opportunities that would otherwise not be there. MCH was the saving grace for Brian and me. MCH developed a home for him to live, be independent and get the assistance he needs. Brian is mainstreamed, very independent and leads a life very much like you and I.”



Bridget is a delightful 18 year old young lady who rides horses at Medina Creative Therapy Ranch and participates in Life Steps Camp and the Resident Enrichment Program. She has been involved with MCH for the past two years. Last year Bridget started working for Medina Creative Produce. She looks forward to working at Medina Creative Pet Play this year. When we asked Bridget what was her favorite program she responded, “Life Steps Camp, its lots of fun. It makes me happy. I have met many new friends.” Bridgt’s mom said, “Bridget is so much more independent and outgoing since she has joined the MCH activities. She has made so many friends and she is happier and has a more positive attitude. She has gained a lot of confidence.



Corey is 23 years old and has been participating in MCH programs for the past six years. When MCH began services for Corey he was withdrawn, anti-social and exhibiting multiple behaviors. Corey enrolled in Life Steps Camp to learn the skills he would need to live independently with supports. He started provider services with MCA and the providers began working on social skills. He now lives at Medina Creative Living and works for Medina Creative Property Maintenance. Corey said, “This company has given me a beautiful living space that I am very grateful for, as well as a job that I am very happy with. I have been promoted to student supervisor at my job. I couldn’t be any happier with my current life arrangements and for that, I say thank you!”



Courtney has lived in a Medina Creative Housing home for approximately five years. MCH specifically designed a house and tailored it to meet Courtney’s needs. Courtney said, “It had always been a goal of mine to live independently. When I came home from college I got a full time job but I struggled to find a place in the community where I could live on my own. My house is affordable for me. I really appreciate the opportunity to live here. MCH has allowed me to be independent. I hope that MCH will be able to continue their good work.”



Daverley is an eighteen year old young lady who lives in one of the Medina Creative Houses. She attends school at Medina High School and will soon be working at Medina Creative Pet Paly. Daverley has attended Life Steps Camp for the past three years. She also takes therapeutic horseback riding classes at Medina Creative Therapy Ranch. Daverley has grown and matured over the past few years into a delightful young woman. She enjoys attending the Resident Enrichment Program and is a talented artist. Daverley states that her favorite program is Medina Creative Therapy Ranch and she loves to ride Willow. Daverley’s mother stated that MCH has opened up a variety of choices for Daverley and gives me freedom and a break when she is participating in these programs.



David has lived with Medina Creative Housing for 5 years. He gets along great with his neighbors. David receives provider services from Medina Creative Accessibility. The providers have helped him learn cooking skills and housekeeping skills. David’s parents said, “We are very pleased with the MCA providers. We could go on and on about how patient they have been with David learning new skills. We are so grateful for Dianne’s tireless efforts in securing grant money and fundraising for MCH. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and love for the special needs population is so moving!”


Donald and James

Donald and James are MCH’s longest residents. They have lived with us for 17 years. Donald and James help to take care of each other. MCH provides them with a safe and secure place to call home. Donald runs his own lawn care business and is frequently seen tending grass. James works at Giant Eagle and is frequently seen tending the carts. These two gentlemen are an important part of MCH and are loved by their community.



Dylan is one of our newest residents at Medina Creative Living III. Dylan is really enjoying living his dream of independent living. Dylan currently works for Medina Creative Produce and is eagerly anticipating the opening of Medina Creative Pet Play. Dylan has attended Life Steps Camp and really enjoys participating in the Resident Enrichment Program. When we asked Dylan what his future plans were he said, “I don’t really have any because I couldn’t be happier where I am.”


JP and German

JP and German are brothers that live together at Medina Creative Living. JP also works at Medina Creative Produce. Both gentlemen love to participate in the Resident Enrichment Program. They also receive provider services from Medina Creative Accessibility. When German was asked what he liked best about MCH he replied, “I love this place!’ JP spoke up and said, “It is the best dream.” They have learned many skills from their providers such as how to cook and clean their home. They both said that they love to have their friends come over and just hang out.


Brenda and Jenny

Brenda and Jenny have lived together in one of our Medina Creative Housing since 2007. Brenda is extremely fashion conscience and loves to have her hair and nails done. She loves to go out to dinner with her MCA provider and friends. Jenny is a huge sports fan and loves the Ohio State Buckeyes. MCH offered Brenda and Jenny independence that they never dreamed was possible. It also gave their parents independence to take their first ever vacations alone without their daughters. They know that their daughters are safe and well cared for.


Martin and Tracy

Martin and Tracy have lived in one of the Medina Creative Housing homes for many years. Martin said, “I always dreamed of living in my own home from the time I was a little boy.” Tracy loves her home and enjoys decorating it. Tracy stated, “My parents would be so happy to know how well I am doing.” They both take great pride in their beautiful home and appreciate everything MCH has done for them. They both enjoy attending REP activities and Tracy also works at Medina Creative Produce. “Our home is our castle!”



Matt has been living at Medina Creative Living for approximately three years. He is a very talented photographer and loves to give tours of his apartment. MCH has given Matt the gift of independence and peace of mind for his parents. He has become much more social since living with MCH. Matt’s mother stated, “he is so happy and it is wonderful to see. When Matt was at home we would plan socials for him to get him out of his room. Since moving to MCH, Matt has blossomed.” Matt also receives provider services through Medina Creative Accessibility. They provide him with transportation and help with cooking skills. Matt said, “my provider is one of the nicest men you will ever meet. It is more fun living at MCH.”



Mckenna is a curious little girl who loves to participate in Life Steps Camp and Medina Creative Therapy Ranch. Mckenna’s mother stated that MCH has been a good path to help her get familiar with life outside of her home and family. Since being at camp we see Mckenna mimicking more daily tasks at home like sweeping and picking up her room. Life Steps Camp offers her new experiences that allow her to become more confident. This helps improve her social skills and interact with new friends. She is also becoming more verbal and interactive as a result of the program. MCH has impacted us in so many ways. We see this program as a path to a more independent life in the future for Mckenna.



Fifteen years ago Michelle moved into one of our Medina Creative Homes. She lived there for several years and then was afforded the opportunity to move into Medina Creative Living. Unfortunately her move-in day was not the joyful occasion she had hoped for as she fell ill and was hospitalized. When she returned to her new home she was overwhelmed with emotion when she found her apartment was fully furnished, and decorated with all of her living needs. Dianne wanted to make sure Michelle felt welcomed, and knew that her new friends at MCL were there for her. Two years ago Michelle got her four-legged best friend Gigi. “Gigi is the best thing that has ever happened to me…other than Medina Creative Housing, of course” laughed Michelle.



Patrick is a gregarious 21 year old gentleman. He has worked at Medina Creative Produce for the past year. He enjoys attending the Resident Enrichment Program. Patrick’s mother stated, “Pat is more social now, and has a sense of worth at work. He likes to work at the Farmer’s Market. Before MCH, Patrick was isolated, and struggled to get information about programs and supports to help him. All of the activities that Pat participates in now are as a result of information he received from MCH. Patrick said, “MCH Life Steps Camp is fun! I learned to make pizza.” He likes the field trips and the people he gets to hang out with. Patrick is now taking therapeutic horseback riding classes at Medina Creative Therapy Ranch and absolutely loves it!



Tom has been a resident of Medina Creative Living for the past two and a half years. He also is employed at Medina Creative Produce. Tom was involved in a car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Tom stated, “for me, living at Medina Creative Housing has been a dream come true! Medina Creative Housing has provided a venue whereby I could move out of my parent’s house, yet still maintain a modicum of support, thus giving me independence, while simultaneously relieving them of a great deal of anxiety about my “transition” to independent living.